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Nestled on a lakefront property in the beautiful Haliburton Highlands, Camp Towhee is the perfect environment for making new friends and experiencing success.

Testimonials from Parents

“Towhee enabled a huge step forward in self reliance and his ability to take responsibility for himself and his school work.”

“Camp Towhee made her have the confidence to take new risks.”

“[Our daughter] has gone to 4 camps, I worked at camps – we were both highly impressed by the quality of Towhee.”

“In a word the program was fantastic! We could not have asked for either more or better. Well done.”

“The best camp for kids with special needs. Awesome staff!!! Wish there were more camps like Towhee.”

“Thanks so much for accommodating [our daughter’s] special needs and allowing her to discover herself and her abilities in such a supportive environment.”

“[Our daughter] had a wonderful experience at Camp Towhee. She made a lot of friends and developed a strong connection with camp staff. They helped her find herself.”

“[Our daughter] never before experienced an environment that appreciated her strengths. Her self esteem was really up.”

“What a fabulous program and a lifesaver!”

“[Our son] looked forward to being at camp all year. Camp Towhee brings out the best in him. He is more sociable in school this year, and camp helped set him up for that. The arts and athletic opportunities gave him achievements to look back on. Socially and personally camp helped him grow. Camp Towhee has been a highlight of his teen years. Thanks so much.”

“This experience started [our daughter’s] journey to lead an independent life. It was her first time being so far away from mom, who until the first camp trip was pretty much her world. Now she has friends, confidence, and looks forward to a productive adult life.”

“I no longer spend hours despairing that my son will never function in the world. I now believe his future is much brighter. Thank you for all the miracles you work”

“Having [my daughter] work on getting along with others has helped with her relationship with her sister.”

“I felt sending him to Camp Towhee was very beneficial and he seemed more aware of himself and more responsible rather than always finding excuses not to get involved. He seemed different when he came back from camp, more settled.”

“Camp gave [our daughter] opportunities to succeed, and both adults and peers confirmed her successes.”

“It is the best camp for children that have an L.D. like my son, it let’s them be themselves. Thanks for just being there and understanding these kids.”

“We’ve seen tremendous growth in our son; he now feels successful and more eager to face his challenges.”

“We can’t say enough about the program.”

“Our son seems to be a lot more positive about himself.”

“Our son is running for election to the student counsel at his school.”


“Our son now takes the TTC bus home from school, and has a house key.”

“It was great! And the power outage was handled extremely well.”

“I think it’s a FANTASTIC camp program for children needing support.”

“Our son is consistently more open with us since camp, and expresses his feelings more often.”

“We feel the program is excellent in all aspects – our son told us that he tried to do things that he had previously thought he wouldn’t.”

“This camp experience was fabulous, and we all felt prepared.”

“Camp is one of the most important & anticipated events in our son’s year. We are thankful and grateful for the opportunity.”

“Camp gave our son a great opportunity to be independent and gain confidence.”

“I will always be eternally grateful to all of you who are responsible for making Camp Towhee the treasure that it is.”

“We were thrilled that our son could have a wonderful camp experience is a ‘safe’ environment.”

About Camp Towhee Staff:

“All of the staff work so hard with the campers, and their sense of humor is greatly appreciated.”

“They were awesome!”

“The staff were terrific, and their feedback was really helpful.”

“They all deserve medals – what an outstanding group.”

“The staff are very dedicated.”

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"In a word the program was fantastic! We could not have asked for either more or better. Well done."

Camp Towhee is an Accredited Member of the
Ontario Camps Association. Integra is accredited by Children’s Mental Health Ontario.

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