This is where we spotlight kids helping kids. Just because you're a kid, doesn't mean you can't make a difference. Meet some of Integra's young friends and hear how they are kids helping kids.

You too can make a real difference for kids with learning disabilities. Ever thought of hosting your own fundraiser with an activity such as a bake sale, bike-a-thon, garage sale, or lemonade stand? These are just a few ideas of how you can help Integra raise funds for vital programs and services.

As a Kids4Kids crusader, you will receive the lifetime reward of knowing you have improved the lives of others in your community. You will also receive a token of appreciation, courtesy of Integra, and be featured on our web site. For more information, please contact us at info@integra.on.ca.

On a warm June day, one young Integra Kid4Kids set up her lemonade stand in anticipation of her neighbourhood's street sale. Proudly displayed was a sign that read:

Proceeds of the sales of this lemonade stand will help kids from Integra, a children's mental health centre that specializes in learning disabilities.

In addition to the lemonade she had cheese straws and spring rolls for sale as well as a display of Integra brochures for buyers to take with them. What a fantastic crusader for kids with learning disabilities! People were very hungry, very thirsty and very generous. By the time everything was sold, our young philanthropist had collected $102.25 for Integra's programs.

When a former camper read Integra's late summer mailing informing him of the damage done to our precious Camp Towhee by a devastating storm, he knew he had to do something to help. With his savings in tow, this Towhee graduate headed over to our office and made a generous donation to help us make repairs.

When asked what makes Camp Towhee so special to him, this is what he had to say:

When you heard about the storm that hit Camp Towhee, how did you feel?
I felt very sad. When we got the letter from Integra, I dropped everything.

What was your favourite part of the Towhee experience?
It was a particular moment when my friend and I sang hymns on a rock. Nature seemed to be humming along. I also loved the Excel program - it certainly builds friendship and trust, especially the Criss Cross game. I trusted all my cabin mates.

What did you gain from Camp Towhee?
I wanted to overcome the bullying. I wanted to make friends, which I did and I still remain in touch with two of them.

How do you think it has helped you now?
Towhee taught me a lot of skills, especially social skills. I really didn't have them before. If it wasn't for Camp Towhee, I wouldn't be who I am today. I learned to cope with my disability to the point that people are shocked that I even have one.

What did your parents think about the treatment you received at Camp Towhee?
My parents thought it was wonderful. They believe [Integra] is a place to invest in. It provides a great opportunity to learn and build on friendships.

As a former Towhee camper, this Kid4Kids knows firsthand how valuable a place like Camp Towhee really is. He was very upset to learn that among the damage was destruction to our high ropes course, a beloved activity for him.

With the generosity of supporters like this, we have been able to repair camp equipment, clean up downed trees and replace our high ropes course with even taller trees.

An eleven year old Integra client, drove all the way with his family from King City to our office in Toronto to present us with a lovely surprise. For his birthday, he asked guests to give him money so that he can make a donation towards the clean up efforts at Camp.

This past summer, this young philanthropist enjoyed his first session at Camp Towhee where he had a chance to bunk in a cabin with fellow Find a Friend group mates and enjoy all the activities that Towhee has to offer. He also contributed his creativity to the Towhee Tribune with his original drawings and cartoons. Looking back, his favourite activity was the high ropes course, which was damaged by the summer storm. His donation will be put towards our final repairs to the high ropes challenge course, buildings and outtripping supplies. When asked what Camp Towhee means to him, he said “I thought it was a really good experience. I would be really happy if I could go back next year.”

Being inspired by their son’s philanthropy, his parents gave an additional significant and very much appreciated gift to Camp Towhee and other vital Integra programs. Thank you, to anoher great Kid4Kids crusader, for helping to ensure that Camp Towhee continues to be that special place for kids with learning disabilities. You are truly inspirational!

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"I will always be eternally grateful to all of you who are responsible for making Camp Towhee the treasure that it is."

Towhee is an Accredited Member of the
Ontario Camps Association and an Integra program at the Child Development Institute (CDI). CDI is accredited by Children’s Mental Health Ontario.

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