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Staying in Touch

Communication Between Parents & Campers

Two/three weeks is a long separation for parents and children/adolescents.  One of the most important links to home is letters.  All of the campers eagerly await the arrival of mail.  Parents are expected to send 1 letter or postcard per week to their child/adolescent.  Even if the letters are short, your child/adolescent will greatly appreciate receiving mail.  Our mail is often slow, so it is a good idea to send a letter right after your child/adolescent leaves for camp.  Campers will also be encouraged to send mail home to you once per week.   We will provide the campers with postcards and activity sheets to help them with this.  Please provide 5 stamps for your child/adolescent

We get many questions about telephone calls from parents to campers and campers to parents.  Most of the children/adolescents at camp will feel homesick at some point during camp.  It is important that you discuss the issue of homesickness with your child/adolescent before camp begins.  If you feel that phone calls between home and camp may still be necessary, please discuss this with your Child and Family Therapist or the Camp Director prior to camp beginning.

Communication Between Parents & Camp Towhee

Throughout the two/three weeks of the program, your Child and Family Therapist is actively aware of your child’s/adolescent’s progress at Camp Towhee. The Camp Director and senior camp staff communicate with Integra Child and Family Therapists throughout the session. If you have questions about your child’s/adolescent’s progress while at Camp Towhee, please contact your Child and Family Therapist at the Integra office.

It is very important that you remain available throughout the two or three weeks of the Camp Towhee program.  In case of a medical emergency or issues related to your child’s/adolescent’s experience in the program, we must know where to contact you.  You should be available within at least 4-6 hours of the Camp at all times. Throughout the summer, please contact Camp Towhee directly to advise us as to your whereabouts should this differ from your home/work contact information.

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