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Camp Towhee Camper Code of Conduct

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Camp Towhee is a place where everyone should feel safe and comfortable.  I have a responsibility to make sure nothing I do hurts people physically or emotionally.

As a camper, I will…

  • Show respect to all campers and staff and treat people the way I would like to be treated.
  • Cooperate with camp staff and follow their instructions.
  • Respect the property of Camp Towhee and others.  This includes no stealing, vandalism or graffiti.
  • Help keep my cabin clean and put all litter in the trash cans.
  • Have good hygiene by having regular showers and brushing my teeth.
  • Talk to my staff if I need help following any of these rules.
  • Stay with my counselors, unless I have special permission not to be with them.
  •  Have lots of FUN and a GREAT time.

I will not…

  • Bully, or put down other campers or staff.
  • Have romantic relationships with other campers.
  • Deliberately hurt anybody’s feelings.
  • Bring alcohol or illegal substances to camp.
  • Swear excessively or use abusive language.

I recognize that these standards of respect toward Towhee campers and staff still apply after I leave camp.  This includes all forms of contact and communication (e.g., face-to-face, phone, letters, email, internet communication of all types including Facebook and social networking sites).

Camp staff will help me to follow these rules if I am having trouble.  I understand that if I am having trouble following this code of conduct, the following could happen:

  • I may have a meeting with my cabin counsellor, counsellor supervisor or one of the camp directors.
  • A staff member might call my parents to discuss my behaviour.
  • I may be asked to carry out a consequence decided by my staff.  (An example of a consequence is writing an apology letter.)
  • If my behaviour is hurtful to myself, others or camp property, I may have to go home early.

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"It’s been fun, I wouldn’t change a thing about my Camp Towhee experience."

Camp Towhee is an Accredited Member of the
Ontario Camps Association. Integra is accredited by Children’s Mental Health Ontario.

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