About Us

About Us

Camp Towhee History

Camp Towhee was established in 1968 as the original project of the Integra Foundation, which, in April 1971, became a licensed Children’s Mental Health Centre.  The original motivation and philosophy behind Integra and Camp Towhee stemmed from the experience of parents, teachers, and other professionals in the field of learning disabilities who believed that such children might respond favorably to an enriched learning experience in a residential setting.  As many of these children were not capable of functioning successfully in a non-specialized setting, Camp Towhee was specifically designed to accommodate such individuals and to foster social development in a “special” setting.

Camp Towhee was originally a six-week residential treatment program that attempted to address social and emotional problems in children with learning disabilities that were between the ages of 8 and 12.   The early treatment objectives of the Camp Towhee program focused on development and change in key areas of social and emotional development for campers.  These areas included intrapersonal, interpersonal, social cognitive, and social affective. 

The Camp Towhee Program has evolved and changed over the last FORTY years to meet the changing needs of children and adolescents with learning disabilities.  Adventure Based / Experiential Learning has become an integral part of the camp program, while traditional camp activities and programs have remained a constant. 

In 1998  Camp Towhee changed the structure of it’s program and expanded to serve a larger and broader client population.  Today Camp Towhee provides three-week residential therapeutic programs for 10 to 18 year old campers. These changes were driven by our past successes with adolescents at camp Towhee, and the changing needs of our younger campers.  Although the Camp Towhee program has evolved and changed over the years, the basic objectives of the program have remained:

To see improvement in the campers in one or more of the following:

  1. Increased Social Competence, including

    1. social adjustment emotional (e.g. depression, anxiety, managing feelings)
      relational (friendships, peers)
    2. social performance
      behaviours (e.g. less “inappropriate”, more cooperative, etc.)
    3. social skills
  2. Decreased Sense of Isolation (i.e. not feeling that they are the “only one”)
  3. Increased Self Esteem, Confidence

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The best camp for kids with special needs. Awesome staff! Wish there were more camps like Towhee!

Camp Towhee is an Accredited Member of the
Ontario Camps Association. Integra is accredited by Children’s Mental Health Ontario.

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